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Learning to play the sax


The Omaha Housing Authority has an established tradition of providing services to the elderly residents of our towers. These services include, but are not limited to, the following: cultural enrichment, preventative medical treatment, community activities, recreational services, security and resident training. It is the mission of OHA to continue this tradition by building more partnerships with various agencies in the communities where our residents are served.


Residents Associations

At OHA, each tower is governed by a body known as a Residents Association. A Residents Association is comprised of an elected board consisting of residents for that specific tower. The Association provides a forum for the residents to communicate with each other on issues of importance in a meaningful and effective way. Another function of the Residents Association is to promote a sense of community amongst the residents through the planning of activities and events.

The Residents Association is of special interest to the elderly in our towers. In fact, a significant portion of the officers on the board of each Association are senior citizens. For this reason, the Residents Association is a valued resource at OHA.


Senior Public Housing  Communities:

Learning to play the sax