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General Information

Program Description

The Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program is a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Program administered by the Housing Authority of the City of Omaha, (OHA). This rental assistance program makes it possible for certified eligible households to obtain adequate rental housing while paying at least 30% of their income for rent.

Once approved and issued assistance, participants enter into a lease agreement with the property owner of the selected unit.


OHA inspects the unit to ensure it meets all Housing Quality Standards. The unit should already meet City Codes prior to the OHA inspection, and should be in a rental ready condition to withstand a minimum requirement of one (1) year’s occupancy.


Once the OHA inspection passes, OHA enters into a contractual agreement with the property owner to assist in paying the leased participant’s rent, as long as the participant is eligible and the unit meets standards.


Eligible applicants may be offered assistance in the form of any of   the Section 8 programs: Mod Rehab and Housing Choice Voucher.


Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, elderly, handicapped, or disabled. Applicants are placed on the waiting list according to preferences and/or the date and time of application.

Responsibilities of the Participant (Family)

Responsibilities of the participant are specified in the Federal Regulations (24CFR), Housing Choice Voucher (Form HUD-52646) and the Lease.


Finding Housing

Unit Search

Participants are free to choose any house or apartment within the Omaha city limits (including their current home). As long as the unit meets certain requirements for housing quality, does not cost more than the HUD fair market rent, including utilities; and the owner agrees to take part in the program.


To assist in locating a unit, a booklet "A Good Place to Live", is given to each participant when assistance is offered at the new participant briefing. Participants can also visit www.housing.ne.gov. Additional program information can be furnished to property owners who may have questions.


Housing Choice Vouchers are effective for a 60-day period.


We want to ensure prompt rental assistance to you before the expiration of your Voucher. If you need additional time, please contact our office to speak with a staff member regarding extensions.


In accordance with HUD regulations, OHA subsidy standards will determine the appropriate unit size for the eligible family.


A listing of units which owners are available for participation in the program may be obtained. In addition, a listing of any known handicapped accessible units may be obtained. Please note, these units, nor any other are pre-approved for the Section 8 Program.

HQS Information

Tips for Passing HQS Inspection

In the continuing efforts to ensure units meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS), we encourage you to inspect your property in advance of the annual inspection and make the necessary repairs. Since you have received notification of the importance of the HQS inspection, the percentage of inspections that fail has only decreased slightly. Please notify your tenant you will be inspecting your unit prior to the Omaha Housing Authority’s (OHA) inspection, going over a checklist of items with your tenant(s) to ensure the unit will meet the requirements prior to the OHA inspection. Check each room in the unit for housekeeping and damages. Periodically checking your property, and keeping your property well maintained and up to Housing Quality Standards not only helps to ensure the program’s success, it helps to ensure your property’s resale value and make it easier to lease again when a family moves out. The following list shows the categories in which failures are cited most often during an inspection:

  1. Smoke detectors inoperable – missing or no batteries.
  2. Windows not lockable. Also, windows broken, cracked or drafty
  3. Prime windows frozen, or will not open or close.
  4. Electric fixture, switch, outlet, or other electrical hazard.
  5. No electrical service
  6. Landlord range/refrigerator does not operate properly/missing parts
  7. Plumbing (faucet drips excessively, pipe leaks, etc.)
  8. Toilets that won’t flush properly.
  9. No water due to frozen water supply lines
  10. Hot water tanks leaking/do not have properly installed temperature and pressure relief valve.
  11. Roach/mice/rat infestation.
  12. Interior & exterior paint which is peeling excessively.
  13. Heat systems that are not fully functional.
  14. Gutters that leak are improperly hung or missing.
  15. Extremely poor housekeeping.
  16. Excessive garbage, broken glass and junk around.
  17. Hazardous steps.
  18. Severe foundation problems
  19. Loose or unsecured handrails (interior and exterior).
  20. Entry doors, door jambs and door locks broken.
  21. Excessive air infiltration through windows and doors

It is the goal of the Omaha Housing Authority to ensure all units meet the Housing Quality Standards inspection the first time the inspector comes out. This can only be accomplished if we develop a strong partnership and work together.