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How do I apply for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher assistance?

The Section 8 Waiting list opens approximately two times a year. The announcement appears in the Omaha World-Herald and the Omaha Star at least 7 days prior to when the applications will be taken.

Anyone 10 minutes late for their appointment or those missing their appointment will not be rescheduled.



What do I need to bring to my Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher appointment?

  • Picture ID
  • Social Security cards or proof of Social Security numbers for all members of your household
  • Birth certificates (all members under 18)
  • Documentation of any income and assets
  • Proof of citizenship or eligible immigration status
  • Proof of custody of children such as a court order, guardianship or foster care
  • If applicable please provide:
    • Disability or handicap verification
    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce decree


What happens after my appointment?

Everyone must pass a criminal background check, so the background checks are requested immediately after your appointment.

Once an applicant passes the background check verifications of any income are requested.

If you failed to bring any of the required documentation to your appointment, it is your responsibility to provide the information within the designated time period.

Your file is then calculated and ready for processing as vouchers become available.


What happens if I am denied Section 8 assistance?

You will be given a chance to request a hearing if you are denied Section 8 assistance. If the Hearing Committee upholds your termination you may reapply at a later date.

Chapter 4 of the Administrative Plan details Applications, Waiting List, and Tenant Selection. Please click on the Administrative Plan link to review the chapter in detail.


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