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The Omaha Housing Authority Foundation supports the football, baseball, softball teams, and cheerleading squads.

The coaches work to explain the aspects of football & cheerleading, but more importantly, they work to educate and motivate the youths to be an asset to society and not be held back by negative influences. They stress the importance of getting involved in the community and striving to succeed in anything they do. The coaches remain in contact with all the players, their family, and their schools. They develop a trust and positive relationship with the youths who participate on the football team. The coaches also share and distribute reading materials and information that promotes positive activities and they encourage the team players to engage in only positive behaviors.

Another important aspect of the programs is that the teams practice very near one of the OHA public housing developments. This promotes the involvement of the players’ families, as well as other residents, encourages other youths to participate, and gives the younger children something to strive for in the future. In addition, neighbors living in the area observe a positive youth activity being conducted at a public housing property site. More important than the record of wins and losses is the impact on the youths and their future. The success stories are the youths who go on to complete their education or find stable employment. The success stories are the youths who are no longer on the streets being influenced by gangs, drugs and other negative activities or influences. They are encouraged to continue to be a “team player” and to practice “positive behaviors” year round.

Approximately 400 youth participated in youth activities which included; cultural enrichment, academic enhancement and recreational & sports activities. Programs included introduction to Arts & Cultural activities that allowed youth to explore music and art. Youth also had the opportunity to participate in “Hogan’s Hero’s”. Approximately 75 youths participated in this golf & life skills training program. The program introduced the game of golf to OHA youth and included an educational series that advocated positive behaviors. OHA Youth also had the opportunity to participate in field trips throughout the summer months, which include recreational & educational events.

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