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Incentive Transfer is a nomination program that allows qualified residents, who are currently in good standing, to transfer from family development and tower housing into the Omaha Housing Authority‚Äôs scattered-site homes and apartments.  The goal of the Incentive Transfer program is to promote residents in the family developments and towers to be self-motivated and show a willingness of self-improvement and upward mobility to self-sufficiency.

The requirements for the Incentive transfer program are as follow:

  • Participant must be a resident who has resided under lease with the Housing Authority for a period of at least six months, prior to being nominated for the program.
  • During said period, resident shall have paid all rent, utility, and other charges, if any, with no delinquencies.
  • During said period, resident shall not have committed any violation of his/her lease with the Omaha Housing Authority.
  • The resident shall not have a history of criminal activity involving any crimes of physical violence to persons and/or property, or any other criminal acts which could adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of others.
  • The resident shall have a record relatively free of complaints from any serious confrontations with neighbors, staff, or others arising primarily from the activities of the resident.
  • The resident shall have a record of good housekeeping.
  • The resident shall have the willingness and capacity to perform yard maintenance, such as mowing and watering the grass, raking leaves, trimming trees and bushes, shoveling drive and sidewalks. 
  • The resident should show a willingness and capacity for self-improvement and upward mobility. This can be demonstrated by a record of enrollment in job training, promotion programs, educational self-improvement courses, or active or educational organizations or programs.
  • The resident shall have sufficient resources to pay all costs of moving and to make the required deposits with utility companies.

Please contact your Site Manager for additional information about the Incentive Transfer Program.

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