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On May 21, 1935, the Nebraska Legislature passed the Metropolitan Cities Housing Authorities Law in Response to national efforts to revitalize economically depressed communities and finance low-rent housing. To initiate housing efforts in Omaha, the City of Omaha passed a resolution establishing the Omaha Housing Authority on May 28, 1935. The Authority contracts with HUD to provide low and moderate income individuals with safe and sanitary housing through rent subsidies. The Authority administers over 2700 public housing units and over 3700 Section 8 units. A five-member Board of Commissioners governs the Authority. The members of the Board are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The Authority’s central office is located at 1835 Harney Street, Omaha NE 68102.

Commissioners serve staggered five-year terms, and, as the governing body, set policies governing the operations of OHA and chartering the direction of current and future programs. Board action is effected by the adoption of Resolutions approving or authorizing the Executive Director or his designee to implement policy and/or conduct business.