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Public Safety

The Omaha Housing Authority (OHA) established the Public Safety Division in August 1999.  The department became the Public Safety & Compliance Division in 2005 when the OHA Inspections department joined us. The OHA Public Safety & Compliance Departments’ mission is to assist residents in developing a safe and peaceful living environment. The goal of the program is to increase the perception of safety and to assist in the reduction of drug sales, gang and gun violence. The office is a state-of-the-art information center headquartered at Jackson Tower.


A Customer Service/Action Line was implemented July 2006 as a centralized customer service line for OHA residents to call with any questions, concerns, etc. Calls are all logged into a database to be followed up by the appropriate staff person. If you wish to provide information on an anonymous basis, we encourage you to call the Customer Service/Action line at 444-6914.


To assist in the safety of OHA residents, we strive to be service-oriented. Following is a listing of the main things we do:

  • We maintain a liaison with local law enforcement.
  • We identify units that disrupt the peace and safety of OHA residents and neighbors and intervene when needed.
  • Current and retired LEOs patrol our properties (includes maintaining foot, bike, and vehicle presence)
  • We enter and maintain a Ban and Bar database
  • We enter and maintain a database of incident reports
    • Record any/all incidents that occur on OHA properties
    • Follow-up for history and/or court proceedings

We employ current and retired law enforcement officers and use equipment including digital surveillance and recording systems at each Tower location, proximity card access control, two-way radios, base radios, cell phones and digital police scanners. Officers patrol OHA development sites in marked cruisers and seasonal bike patrols. Officer assignments and work schedules are varied from day-to-day to eliminate predictability.


The OHA Public Safety & Compliance Department is “service oriented” and applies multi-faceted problem solving techniques in addressing resident issues and concerns regarding safety and security.


Contact Iinformation:

Chris Peters, Public Safety & Compliance Manager 444-5575

Customer Service/Action Line 444-6914

Public Safety Dispatcher 444-3351

Fax:  444-3767